CEO Advisory

Our carefully selected CEO Mentors all have a passion to work with CEO’s of growing companies that need to have good people around them that have walked the path before and can add real value by providing a sounding board to develop the right plan and make the right decisions at critical juncture to ensure healthy, measurable and sustainable growth.

These CEO mentors have invaluable experience over their careers and have all been in the Chair as CEO’s and business owners. All have been accountable to boards and shareholders to deliver growth outcomes, a number requiring a plan to fix the business first through a turnaround to then be able to execute on growth plans.

So when you become a CEO Advisory client you don’t just get a single CEO mentor you get the benefit of having your growth problems being worked on by our Mentor’s mentor and all their peers to come up with the best possible options for you to then consider and hopefully execute on.

Additionally to make sure our values are aligned with helping and giving back our CEO mentors also attend our monthly SME Growth Network event where they spend time getting to know all our existing and prospective clients as well as spending time on a panel for our Youth event.

With part of our proceeds going to support leading community, business and youth organisations doing great work in out local community.

These organisations include, but are not limited to;