OWEN MATHESON, Head of CEO & Capital Advisory

Co-Founder, SME Growth Network

Owen is a passionate connector, entrepreneur, advisor and investor with a focus on helping SME’S achieve fast growth through putting together the right team and strategic capital partners to make their growth plans accelerate.

Owen has 20 years’ experience in business, corporate development & transaction advisory, including private company ownership and investment across most sectors ranging from construction to manufacturing, engineering, food production, industrial, commercial and Financial Services IT & Technology and everything in between. He has been involved in M&A transactions in most industry sectors where he would confidentially represent the interests of private business owners with operations $2-100M plus revenue to potential buyers with Revenues from $20M to $100Bn plus globally. Often making contact with 50 to 200 plus companies in each sector. As a result, Owen has key influential contacts across most industry sectors.

He has literally spent thousands upon thousands of hours listening to CEO’s and business owners share about their own business operations, management performance and capital issues right through their understanding of marketplace challenges, opportunities and their own confidential plans on how to gain marketshare. As a result, Owen has become a rare trusted confidante to literally thousands of business owners and CEO’s nationally and has become consumed with a passion to honour that entrustment by putting together a national network of experienced, successful business owners to give back and add real value to help private companies with real potential to execute on their growth plans through connecting with the right team and strategic capital partners to make things happen.

Working closely with a broader team of fellow experienced Advisory Principals, senior advisors, senior executives, entrepreneurs, strategic investors private family offices, CEO’S Chairman and boards, Owen has run a number of buy-side and sell-side mandates for leading medium to large private companies including (but not limited to):

  • Buy-side on behalf of a large ($1bn+ revenue) diversified family company seeking expansion through accretive acquisitions for an IT portfolio with current revenues in excess of $60m with acquisitions in the $2m to $20m.
  • Buy-side for a large ($1bn+ revenue) IT and financial services group, where he was initially retained to target acquisitions in the range $1m to $20m+ in managed services/SaaS/PaaS and annuity based tech solutions companies
  • Buy-side where he successfully executed a buy side mandate on behalf of a $100M+ print managed services to acquire an additional $25m revenue across 3 acquisitions to future proof the organi8sation by diversifying into IT managed services.
  • Buy-side on behalf of a fast growth mid-size specialist contractor seeking diversified managed services income
  • Sell-side – executed the sale of an IT services platform and consulting services company (circa $20m combined revenue) to a large private investor group
  • Sell-side – Strategic stake in lucrative software and sales distribution firm
  • Sell-side – Trade sale exit of Business Intelligence firm to BIG 4 consulting firm
  • Sell-side Big Data Analytics Firm
  • Sell-side Accounting software
  • Sell-side Internet Services Provider
  • Sell-side IT managed services
  • Sell-side – Strategic stake in regional communications firm
  • Sell-side – Water Investment trading platform
  • Sell-side – Water Investment Fund
  • Sell-side EcoVillage
  • Sell-side Case management firm
  • Sell-side Online travel
  • Sell-side Online fashion
  • Sell-side Meat Processing
  • Sell-side Food Ingredients
  • Sell-side Building Product
  • Sell-side Agricultural/farm product
  • Sell-side Grain processing plant
  • Sell-side Landscape Maintenance services
  • Sell-side Accountany firm
  • Sell-side Civil Engineering firm
  • Sell-side Strategic stake in Facilities maintenance firm
  • Sell-side Mining services firm
  • Sell-side Specialist military equipment engineering firm
  • Sell-side Special Vehicle Manaufacturing firm
  • Sell-side Food & Beverage Manufacturing firm
  • Sell-side Steel Fabrication firm
  • Sell-side specialist printing and importing firm
  • Sell-side Private tertiary education college
  • Sell-side Private arts training organisation
  • Sell-side Health and fitness equipment
  • Sell-side Specialist electrical contracting firm
  • Sell-side Specialist Industrial plastics manufacturing
  • Sell-side Electronic manufacturing
  • Sell-side Industrial automotive equipment manufacturer
  • Sell-side Automotive distribution
  • Sell-side Waste Management
  • Sell-side Web-development firm
  • Sell-side Film production company
  • Sell-side Custom software development
  • Sell-side Project Management
  • Sell-side Luxury Boat manufacturer
  • Sell-side Marine Lesiure operator
  • Sell-side Security services
  • Sell-side Recycling Services
  • Sell-side Water treatment product distribution
  • sell-side specialist construction
  • Sell-side Dairy manufacturer & exporter
  • Represented over $2Bn+ combined Enterprise Value over his advisory career